Tai Chi Chaun

Tai Chi Chaun is a Chinese form of exercise. The graceful movements of Tai Chi Chaun flow like the running water of streams and rivers, while creating balance and harmony within the body. The practice of Tai Chi Chaun is beneficial to health, and it is also a subtle, sophisticated and scientific method of self-defence.

We practice Tai Chi Yang Style which is a slow mediative moving form and meditation combined. There are a number of forms - empty hand and with weapons (swords and fan), which consist of a sequence of movements. originating from observing the natural movements of animals and birds.

Since this system of exercise is suitable for people of all ages as well as the sick and requires little or no special equipment, it has gained an enthusiastic reception all over the world. It can be practiced in a relatively small area either indoors or outdoors.

As our muscles move when practicing Tai Chi Chaun, , improving our circulation. The exercise the stomach muscles receive will improve the digestion. In the long term, the Tai Chi Chaun also stimulates the central nervous system, which increases the well being of all the organs of the body. This can also lead to positive changes in our disposition, making us more even-tempered.